Hurry and Wait!

Hurry and Wait!

Thank you to all who viewed our Single Tool Programmable Panel Bridge at the BCMC Show in Columbus, OH! Many have asked why should I consider a Single Table Wall Assembly System with Single Tool Panel Bridge?

Over 40 years ago Triad introduced the Exterior Wall Panel Line consisting of Framing, Router and Sheathing Stations with Accumulation Conveyors before and after each station. In the decades following, the competition has copied the Traid example of the long wall panel production line.

Wall panel production is not like the Ford or GM Assembly Line with a set time allotment to each task. Wall panels are custom assemblies with a wide variance in assembly times. The wall panel machinery manufacturers acknowledge this by designing accumulation or extensive material handling into the production line (to reduce hurry and wait!) resulting in large facilities for wall panel production.

The advantage of the Single Table Wall Assembly System is three fold. Since all of the work is completed at a single location, no accumulation conveyor is required resulting in a much smaller footprint required for wall panel production. Also, without the accumulation conveyor, the time lost for material handling (releasing, transporting and resetting the wall panel) is recaptured. And finally, because all the work is completed by one 2 person crew in a single location, you have zero lost time by elimination of unbalanced cycle times over multiple locations (no hurry and wait!). The end result is a higher LF/Man/Hour output requiring less production space.

The "old school" Multi-Tool Panel Bridge allows one gun selection mounted at 6" centers (optional 3" centers with bridge shift). If your project requires a different fastener, you need to "change out" 24 guns (hurry and wait!). Also, if a gun or guns run out of fasteners or malfunction, your crew will hopefully locate the missing fasteners before shipping the completed panel (more hurry and wait!). If the project requires fastener spacing other the 3" or 6" centers, the panel will require manual nailing or stapling with inconsistent results.

The Single Tool Panel Bridge has programmable fastener spacing. The single gun can be replaced in under one minute and the magazine fastener load can be easily managed. The Panel Bridge also has a gun tilt function to eliminate "shiners" at sheathing seams.

Don't wait, please contact us today for additional information or to schedule a plant tour and we will hurry to process your order so that your can benefit from the productive advantages of a Single Table Wall Assembly System with Single Tool Panel Bridge.